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MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education
MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education
MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education
MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

Transforming Lives, One Project at a Time

MiyaMiya has already empowered over 20,000 learners. Explore our projects and witness the impact firsthand.

MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

MiyaMiya Jordan

Partners: Dubai Cares, Vitol Foundation, Al Ghurair Foundation


Dates: 2018 - 2022


Beneficiaries: Syrian refugee and Jordanian host community secondary-cycle students


Objective: Miya Miya, meaning ‘100 percent’ in Arabic, aims to enable all students in Jordan to qualify for the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi), a high-stake exam taken at the end of a student’s 12th year of schooling, and to assist Jordan’s refugee population and at-risk nationals to pass this important examination so that they have pathways to higher education and job prospects. 


Scope: Pedago has partnered with Jordan’s Ministry of Education to build an entirely digital edition of STEM subjects taught at the secondary cycle. Designed expressly for accessible self-directed learning, the mobile-based program expands access to the MOE curriculum for vulnerable students who are out of school or at risk of drop-out. 


Achievement: Custom lessons built from scratch for Mathematics Grades 7-12 and Physics Grades 11-12 aligned to the national curriculum. 5600 accounts created. Retention rate of 87% over the first year of delivery.

MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

MiyaMiya Ethiopia

Client: World Bank, Gender Innovation Lab (GIL)


Dates: 2021 - 2023


Beneficiaries: Female Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia 


Objective: Under GIL’s Innovations in Financing Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE) initiative, this project is a research pilot that aims to empower female entrepreneurs in Ethiopia by acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge and skills through e-learning. Insights from IFWE research is used to inform the World Bank’s programing around women’s entrepreneurship and to promote evidence-based policies. 


Scope: Quantic’s Entrepreneurship program, fully localized for the Ethiopian context, is delivered through our platform to 5000 women entrepreneurs. 


Achievement: A rigorous longitudinal study using a randomized control trial (RCT) research design and involving 2000 participants is currently being conducted by a third-party evaluator to evaluate the longer-term impact of the intervention.

MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

Uber Africa

Client: Uber


Dates: 2017 - 2018


Beneficiaries: Uber driver-partners in South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria


Objective: Launching its service in Johannesburg in 2012 and rapidly expanding across Africa, Uber required a scalable training solution for Uber driver-partners. Uber understood that well-trained drivers would translate into satisfied customers and increase driver-partner retention.


Scope: Pedago developed a series of interactive training modules and delivered these through an Uber-branded version of our platform, allowing driver-partners to download the Quantic Uber app and to learn from the very smartphones they use to connect with riders.


Achievement: 14,792 Uber drivers successfully completed our training courses across five countries in Africa.


AL for Education, African Leadership Academy

Partner: AL for Education Network, African Leadership Academy

Beneficiaries: 5000 students in the AL for Education Network of Schools in Algeria, South Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, DRC, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe 


Objective: Providing critical access to STEM education and support through the Miya Miya platform to students across Africa. 


Impact: 5000 learner accounts for students in the AL for Education school network. AL for Education aims to improve the state of education on the African continent by developing a network of model institutions that push the boundaries of what is possible, and creating pipelines of extraordinary, ethical leaders. By integrating the Miya Miya platform, STEM learning is enhanced to empower students within the school network, helping them build a strong foundation in Math and Physics, while fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Kabul, Afghanistan

Partner: Glory High School and Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO)

Beneficiaries: 2000 students in the Glory High School and adjacent community members who will be able to access the learning from home


Objective: Providing critical access to STEM education and support through the Miya Miya platform for girls in the local township who currently cannot learn under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan and boys who are at Glory High School.


Impact: 2000 learner accounts, including 500 accounts for male students in Glory High School and 1500 accounts for female students in grades 6-12 in the local township community. The Miya Miya platform will enable girls to continue their education from home so that these vital years are not skipped, while boys access this via computer labs in school. Mastery of Math and Physics is crucial for academic success and personal growth, ensuring that students, regardless of their circumstances, gain a strong foundation in these essential subjects.



Partner: Abaarso School Network

Beneficiaries: Abaarso School students in Somaliland, Africa


Objective: Providing high-potential students with essential access to STEM education through the Miya Miya platform.


Impact: Ranked as the 2nd most Fragile State in the World, Somaliland will benefit from 1000 learner accounts provided to the award-winning Abaarso School, a renowned co-educational boarding school for grades 7-12 near Hargeisa. Recognized internationally by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, and Forbes, Abaarso’s exceptional educational program is further enhanced by integrating the Miya Miya platform to boost STEM learning.



Partner: Tuyor al Amal, Al Sama

Beneficiaries: Lebanese students and refugees


Objective: Leveraging our high-quality Math and Physics learning software to support schools with large class sizes and limited teaching resources in Lebanon.


Impact: In collaboration with AidPioneers, we are operating in solar-powered schools equipped with WiFi access. Our tailored programs address the unique needs of each partner school, offering summer schools, supplemental or catch-up learning, and in-lesson scaffolding to support mixed-ability classes. The Miya Miya app is available to download for free as part of or separate from our programs in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Empower Futures, Transform Lives – Partnering for STEM Excellence with MiyaMiya's Innovative EdTech!
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