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MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education
MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education
MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education
MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

Transforming Lives, One Project at a Time

MiyaMiya has already empowered over 12,000 learners. Explore our projects and witness the impact firsthand.

MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

MiyaMiya Jordan

Partners: Dubai Cares, Vitol Foundation, Al Ghurair Foundation


Dates: 2018 - 2022


Beneficiaries: Syrian refugee and Jordanian host community secondary-cycle students


Objective: Miya Miya, meaning ‘100 percent’ in Arabic, aims to enable all students in Jordan to qualify for the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi), a high-stake exam taken at the end of a student’s 12th year of schooling, and to assist Jordan’s refugee population and at-risk nationals to pass this important examination so that they have pathways to higher education and job prospects. 


Scope: Pedago has partnered with Jordan’s Ministry of Education to build an entirely digital edition of STEM subjects taught at the secondary cycle. Designed expressly for accessible self-directed learning, the mobile-based program expands access to the MOE curriculum for vulnerable students who are out of school or at risk of drop-out. 


Achievement: Custom lessons built from scratch for Mathematics Grades 7-12 and Physics Grades 11-12 aligned to the national curriculum. 5600 accounts created. Retention rate of 87% over the first year of delivery.

MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

MiyaMiya Ethiopia

Client: World Bank, Gender Innovation Lab (GIL)


Dates: 2021 - 2023


Beneficiaries: Female Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia 


Objective: Under GIL’s Innovations in Financing Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE) initiative, this project is a research pilot that aims to empower female entrepreneurs in Ethiopia by acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge and skills through e-learning. Insights from IFWE research is used to inform the World Bank’s programing around women’s entrepreneurship and to promote evidence-based policies. 


Scope: Quantic’s Entrepreneurship program, fully localized for the Ethiopian context, is delivered through our platform to 5000 women entrepreneurs. 


Achievement: A rigorous longitudinal study using a randomized control trial (RCT) research design and involving 2000 participants is currently being conducted by a third-party evaluator to evaluate the longer-term impact of the intervention.

MiyaMiay | The Future of Global STEM Education

Uber Africa

Client: Uber


Dates: 2017 - 2018


Beneficiaries: Uber driver-partners in South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria


Objective: Launching its service in Johannesburg in 2012 and rapidly expanding across Africa, Uber required a scalable training solution for Uber driver-partners. Uber understood that well-trained drivers would translate into satisfied customers and increase driver-partner retention.


Scope: Pedago developed a series of interactive training modules and delivered these through an Uber-branded version of our platform, allowing driver-partners to download the Quantic Uber app and to learn from the very smartphones they use to connect with riders.


Achievement: 14,792 Uber drivers successfully completed our training courses across five countries in Africa.

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