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Our Pedagogy

At MiyaMiya, we believe that learning should be interactive, visual, fun and effective. 

Active Learning

MiyaMiya's platform is built on Pedago's Active Learning methodology, providing learners with bite-sized content and immediate feedback every 8 seconds.


Our Microlearning approach is all about delivering knowledge in manageable, bite-sized portions. Smaller, highly visual content, combined with frequent feedback, is the key to keeping learners engaged and boosting their ability to remember and apply what they've learned. 

Mastery-Based Progression

Every 5-10 minute lesson builds on prior knowledge, ensuring that students progress through mastery-based learning. We challenge students to think critically, making decisions with immediate feedback, not just confirming comprehension but using assessments as teaching opportunities.

Test to Teach!

Quantic revolutionizes education, challenging students to actively engage as protagonists. Our mentorship approach, testing not for confirmation but as a teaching opportunity, counters online education's passive model. A 2017 study revealed Quantic learners excel in engagement and scores, spending one third of the time compared to other platforms.

Ignite Curiosity, Spark Success – Elevate Learning with MiyaMiya!
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